Best Sisters Restore Ancestors Graves

2019 marks 200 years since Thomas Best (1799-1874), son of emancipist George Best) and his wife Mary Becket (1800-1857) settled in Middle Dural. They are reportedly the first family to farm in Middle Dural and Tangmangaroo, Yass District. Whilst Thomas lies buried in Tangmangaroo, his eldest son Thomas Samuel and wife Mary Anne , another son William Alfred and his wife Christina and Thomas Samuel’s son James Frederick and wife Edith Elizabeth are buried in St Jude’s Anglican Cemetery, Dural. These three graves have suffered from neglect and the elements over the years, making it difficult to read the inscriptions and control the invasive weeds. Until now!

Great, great grandchildren of Thomas Best and daughters of the late Fred and Ness Best, Shirley Clark and Barbara Churchill decided that the restoration of these marble and sandstone graves would be a practical way to pay homage to the pioneering Best Family of Middle Dural.

To mark this milestone descendants of Thomas will be holding a celebration in Middle Dural in early September. They would love to hear from fellow descendants and extend the invitation to them.

If you are interested in this celebration and/or have family history records or information pertaining to Thomas and Mary, please email [email protected]