The Benefits of Buying or Selling in Winter

It’s pretty commonly thought that spring is the best season to buy and sell the property. But what about Selling in Winter? If you need to sell or buy during the cooler months, are the results really that different?

See the property’s full potential – One of the first advantages of buying in winter is that typically you’re seeing the home in its worst state, meaning you are seeing the full picture.

“Sometimes in spring campaigns you won’t notice if there are areas of the house that are a little dark or draughty because the spring weather and sunshine will mask it,” says Carolyn.

Less competition – Yes, there are fewer homes on the market during winter, because people tend to hold out until spring, but there are also fewer buyers, which means less competition.

“Competition during spring is ruthless. In winter you’ll have far fewer buyers, so that might not only mean you get your dream home quicker but that there is more flexibility in price, settlement periods, etc.,” Carolyn adds.

More time for your decision – If you start looking in winter, you may find the home you’re after, but if you don’t, you still have plenty of time to look and get on the radar of real estate agents before the busy spring period hits.

Less competition = serious buyers – When it comes to selling in winter, the advantages are similar. Less competition is a major advantage for sellers too.

“Selling in a time when there are fewer buyers means you are only dealing with serious buyers. People looking in winter, know that it’s not known as the best time to buy, so if they’re looking during the cooler months that means their ducks are in a row and they are ready to make a move.

That is a serious advantage because you’re not dealing with people who could be wasting your or your agents time and you might even sell your property quicker than you expected.”

Highlighting your home’s features – While some properties will have their flaws hidden by the warmer and brighter weather during spring, some can use winter to their advantage.

“If your home is north facing, and gets tonnes of light, winter is the perfect time to sell because it will truly showcase the benefit of your property over others,” explains Carolyn.

Buyers are active year-round – While there is more activity during spring, it is a bit of a myth that it is the only viable time to sell your property. Selling in Winter

“Yes, there is more activity that takes place in spring, but truly, buyers are active year-round. It’s the stock in the market that fluctuates, not the buyers. Buyer’s typically base their decision on their savings and the circumstances. So, if they are ready and keen to go, they won’t let the seasons hold them back.

“Sellers can rest assured if they choose to sell in winter, they will find a buyer and achieve a good result.” Selling in Winter, Selling in Winter

To learn more about buying or selling contact your local Belle Property agent Carolyn Wheatley today – 0407 120 483.

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Selling in Winter

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