Top 3 Things to Do Upon Moving Into a New Home

Belle Property: There’s a lot involved in moving. There’s a few important tasks to attend to at the new place– such as checking everything is as per the sale contract, carrying out a deep clean, connecting services and more.

Check that everything is in order and how you expected it to be. If you took photos at the open home inspections and during the marketing period, cross reference them with what you see once you have moved in. If there are any issues relating to what was agreed upon in the sale, you should contact the selling agent.

To get your home set up properly you will need all your utilities up and running. When it comes to water, you don’t need to do anything yourself. The local water authority will be notified of the sale via your conveyancer or the state land registry office.

To get powered up, you’ll need to call your energy and/or gas provider to transfer your account.

When it comes to your internet connection, it is best to factor in a lead time of two to three weeks before it is connected and working. It is best to organise this ahead of time, so you’re not left without internet for an extended period.

Another task is to locate your fuse box and water valve on the property. This is super important to know in the event of an emergency or when trades need to access them when working on your property.

Once you have everything in your home ready to sort, set some time aside to get into homeowner administration. If you haven’t needed to do so beforehand now is the time to organise house and contents insurance.

For security purposes, you may want to change the locks on your new home, making sure you have enough keys cut for all occupants.

Once you’re settled into your new home, start the process of changing your address on your driver’s license, bank accounts, subscriptions, and the electoral roll. Then meet your neighbours!

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