Be Bold and Brave: A Vision for Glenorie

In working out our destination (our vision), it helps to review our origins and the path we have taken to get to where we are.

For more than 130 years, the GPA has provided a voice for the community on local issues. Our mission at the GPA is to be a collective voice for residents in our community.

To effectively liaise with both Hornsby and The Hills Shire Councils as well as the New South Wales State Government and Federal Government.

To lobby on behalf of the residents of Glenorie. In May 2019 the GPA developed a preferred plan for the Glenorie Village expansion through a round of community consultation with residents of Glenorie.

The high-level plan can be found here: July 2019, we hosted a Forward Planning Community Consultation Forum for the Glenorie Community and The Hills Shire Council planning team.

The feedback contributed to The Hills 2036 Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS).

The GPA has also contributed to the Hornsby Shire Rural Lands Study.

The outcomes have been:
1. In The Hills Shire – a clearly defined preliminary investigation area for future expansion of the village. 2. In the Hornsby Shire – potential to expand the village by circa 400m

We have been strong proponents of the Service Station in Glenorie, but have advocated for a high standard of aesthetically pleasing and functional development standards sympathetic to nearby adjoining rural properties preserving the rural character that we all love and remains unique to the area.

Early in the planning we established some overarching principles:
1. Community: Community advocacy and involvement in future planning outcomes encouraging a high standard of design and innovative outcomes. Community-led planning , providing guidance to future developers, ensure the community voice is at the forefront. The GPA are keen to have a community endorsed plan in place regardless of whether development occurs in 10 or 100 years.

2. Village: The retention of the unique character of Glenorie as a village must be retained. Ensuring activation of existing precincts are sensibly enhanced. Ultimately, a core focus is retaining the rural amenity we all love and treasure.

3. Green space: any development should ensure the community maintains access to natural areas, parks and green space. Access and connectivity for residents and visitors to existing anchors. That means open areas, with navigable paths, landscaped, rural or native settings.

4. A greater mix of housing and uses: many people want to stay in the area as they get older, but don’t necessarily want to maintain land, more opportunities for retail, services and businesses through additional commercial and light industrial zones. Any zone set aside for light industry should be outside the village.

At the GPA we are ready to continue progressing, it is in our name. Rather than let the market economics dictate development outcomes, we want to engage with all levels involved in the property supply chain to ensure the best outcomes on behalf of our community. We believe a mix of tasteful residences can be achieved, that address some of our changing demographics as well as embrace our unique rural setting. Instead of retail and commercial spaces being a series of basic materials, we believe future developments should take note of the Glenorie Village development, exemplary by any standard when compared to other suburbs in Sydney.

Together at the GPA we are working to set a vision that changes the status quo for development rather than simply opposing developers. We believe the best approach is strong community advocacy, engagement and communication before designs are even commenced to ensure they are aligned with the objectives and principles that have already been established. By working with all levels, including developers before their submission to council, the GPA can act as a sensible, unbiased, community-led conduit between the Glenorie community, developers and council, so that we can ensure the very best outcome for all parties:

• Our rural and bush surrounded village, with an even stronger village character. • Green connectivity. • High quality buildings and landscaping the continue the standard set by “the Glenorie Village” (thank you Tazcol).

• Economic growth, homes for young families, a sensible variety of residences and increased viability for our community services like the pre-school and school.

• Growth in the value of local properties for land holders.

• A strong return for developers who are delivering a quality product in an attractive area.

If we do not engage in the process, the market will eventually force change regardless of our opposition and the change will not be controlled by community engagement, it will only be controlled by the almighty dollar.

Development can have mutually beneficial outcomes. With strong advocacy we can ensure our community continues to grow sustainably, sensibly and retain the rural character that appeals to so many who either call Glenorie home or aspire to call Glenorie their home. Glenorie still remains in its infancy, and there is a real opportunity NOW to play a role in planning for its continued future success.

We encourage all our community to get involved. Join the GPA and have your say.