Banjo’s BBQs

Nothing brings people together quite like food and flames. That’s the philosophy of Lincs Heating manager, Banjo Vogt. Talk to him and he will suggest why different meat cuts suit different BBQ products from around the world.

“BBQ’s & Heating have been part of this business since the 1960s,” Banjo said. “I’m really interested in how some of our products encourage us to forget about the world around us and to focus on our loved ones. It’s a social thing where everyone gathers around to chat, bringing family back together.”

One of many products available is an open fire table manufactured by New Zealand heating products company, Escea. “You can sit close to the fire and feel the warmth without getting too hot, because air is drawn into ducts beneath the tabletop, and that air is used for combustion of the wood or charcoal fuel,” Banjo said. “Then you can cook Tepanyaki or Mexican together with friends or family, the options are limited only by your imagination”. Banjo also likes using the Titan Industrial firepits to cook skewers or steaks when in a hurry.

Throughout the year, he will host cooking demos. Anyone is welcome to come and look. “It’s mixing play with work, but it’s a great way for customers to see firsthand the cooking-to-table results of these products,” he said.

Mr Vogt entered the heating products industry through the back door; he was subcontracted to conduct heater installations as a fully licensed Plumber and Gas Fitter, for the previous business owners for 18 years, before buying the business.

“We separate ourselves from other Heating and BBQ product suppliers. Instead of just selling products, we’re able to install the customer’s product and service it. We also offer consultations with builders and architects to show how our Wood and Gas products will fit into the client’s indoor and outdoor areas.

Our first service appointment for our heating products is complementary as well.”

Lincs Heating Centre is on 126 George St, Hornsby NSW 2077. For more information call (02) 9477 3535.