The current aesthetic for homes is one inspired by ‘The Hampton Style’ a look and feel which is relaxed and timeless. One, which offers a tasteful framework for you to incorporate your touches of individuality. Hampton Style of building and decorating exudes tranquillity and sophistication and bathes your space in natural light.

Open plan floor designs offer airy light-filled interiors which encourage a laid-back luxury lifestyle. Often used in these styles of homes are timber features and accents which add an organic softness, which mellow moods and enhance communal living.

High on the checklist of Hampton Style homes are well-considered and creatively designed floor plans which incorporate alfresco entertainment areas. These spaces are considered fundamental for our modern way of living. While every space in a home is designed to be functional, it is the joinery details which help develop the style.

Pronounced details on range hoods and island bench corner posts, benchtops with detailed edging and the use of small elegant mouldings in hallway panelling. The colour palettes of both the exteriors and interiors are often subdued and minimal. Generally, the focus is on neutral shades of whites, creams, linen tones and greys which provide the foundation for this look. Often used in conjunction with these neutral colours are white trims and highlights of shades of blue.

External facades bring in multiple finishes such as weatherboard, render and painted brickwork including elements of timber trims and posts. These additions to the final look add interest and cater to individual tastes and styles.

Hampton Style evokes light, style, comfort and ease of living.

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