We are back in art studio with classes for adults and children and our shop is open. Numbers are limited and social distancing applies.

We have been in zoom for the past And while this is still available we are enjoying being back in the art studio.

It’s been a challenge, but good to do. Teaching art on-screen demands quite a lot of concentration and constant multitasking with iPhones, sending texts and photos. The devices did prove helpful as it was possible to get in close and demonstrate some techniques from the easel. It was fun seeing how everyone set themselves up. Special thanks to trusted assistant Brigid who managed to help many of the adult students connect with the technology.

This time has also taught us the way of an artist… the ability to work on your own, set up a personal workspace and commit to a time to spend on your artwork. Keeping together online was a way to keep in touch with others and to provide direction and help where and when needed, just like in the classroom… well almost!

Classes help you learn new techniques. They also help by exploring new subjects, techniques and mediums with the hope of mastery. Classes give insight into basics such as choosing the right brush or colour. Through discussions and analysis of art, a deeper understanding of your own artwork will develop. Classes also offer encouragement, troubleshoot issues and promote creativity.

A big congratulations to all who continued their art on and offline. To those who have taken this opportunity to start, well done.

Let’s keep it going!

Holiday classes and online classes including materials are available using the creative voucher. We have our June/July sale on now.

For further information regarding Adult Art classes, Kreative kids art classes and the School Holiday programs, please contact the Dural Art Studio.

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