At a time when many in the community find themselves out of work or with little income, one local company is openly recruiting. Aussie Pumps is finding it hard to keep up with demand of essential products like water blasters and steam cleaners.

The company has reported a huge surge in their large range of the high pressure cleaning equipment from councils, government, and even aged care facilities, as well as cleaning contractors, fast food outlets and food processors.

Aussie’s steam cleaners are making a real difference by using steam to sanitise rather than using chemical cleaning agents.

Australian Pump Industries is a glowing example of how a progressive, innovative start-up can become a powerhouse of innovation in a highly competitive market.

From a simple beginning, the local company started with a winning philosophy to provide gear that works better, is safer, faster and smarter than those imported even from advanced first world places like Europe or the United States.

“Our product range keeps growing, opening up opportunities for bright, ambitious people who want to work in a high speed, innovative environment that helps our customers every day!” said Operations Manager, Hamish Lorenz.

The company doesn’t discriminate! “It’s the right people we’re looking for, irrespective of race, age or gender. Some of our senior managers started as interns!” said Lorenz.

The company’s growth ensures great opportunities for ambitious people. Interested? Send your resume to Anne Wilde today [email protected].