Local company, Aussie Pumps has dramatically increased production of their Honda Engine firefighting pumps to ensure adequate supplies to firefighting authorities, farmers and homeowners.

“This fire season has been horrific. Fortunately, our fire pumps have been able to help people, save many properties and many lives,” said Aussie Pumps’ Brad Farrugia. “We’re working hard to build more as fast as we can.” He said.

The demands on their operations division has already been extraordinary. The production and store team have been working overtime ramping up production of their Honda engine firefighting pumps.

The company’s flagship, the Aussie Fire Chief, is widely regarded as the world’s best lightweight portable fire pump. It produces excellent flow/pressure combinations making it ideal for extinguishing spot fires and household protection. The Fire Chief is readily available as a Honda engine drive with Honda’s 3year GX engine warranty included.

With the ability to draft water through a vertical lift of 7.6 metres the pump offers unbeatable priming characteristics. If the water is being sourced from a swimming pool, dam or reservoir, the pumps will handle the load with ease.

“We put ourselves in the position of the user when we are designing the equipment,” said Farrugia. “We understand that those living in the Urban Interface need to plan and prepare for bushfires,” he said.

A free Aussie Bushfire Survival Guide is available for anybody setting up a firefighting pump. It covers not only the basic steps required to prepare a property for the coming fire season, but information on pump selection and setting up a reticulation system.

For further information on the range of Aussie fire pumps and copies of the Bushfire Survival Guide, check online ( or contact your local Aussie Pump Distributor.