Arcadian Quilters News

Very happily we were able to attend our first indoor meeting for this year at our “home venue” … the Galston Community Health Centre, The Glade, Arcadia Road.

Social distancing and masks were required so we were well spread-out but together none the less, fortunately there was no “naughty corner” as we all managed very well !!

Eagerly viewing each other’s past months sewing efforts, plans were quickly formed to start producing Community Quilts again.

Our wonderful “quilting angel” had been very busy and productive during the months we were meeting in the park so, as you will see the quilting life did continue in a different form !!

If during those COVID-QUIET-TIMES last year you found yourself returning to sewing, quilting or just revisiting your creative side, come along, make contact with us, new friends are always most welcome.

For more information please … contact Carole on 9894 7749

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