How fortunate are we to have The Internet!!!

How quickly we have ALL started using, enjoying and sharing via our phones, our iPads etc … what we do, where we have been and in our case what we are making.

In my sewing room Big Ted (whom I made many years ago) is my companion.

He oversees my stash, passes judgement on my choices, sometimes rather harshly but mostly he just sits and nods?

The Arcadian Patchworkers are a very busy group and thanks to our imaginative President and her clever committee we ladies have direction for “a block a week” using our colour wheel ideas, and, when we next meet, our blocks will be combined to become whole bed quilts and shared in our Community.

Some members are also enjoying the challenge of a Mystery Quilt project.

These patterns too come weekly and when finished … there it is … “another beautiful quilt” … this finished project might be too cuddly to part with given winter is on the way?

Stay positive, stay safe!