Arcadian Quilters

As the Autumn leaves start to gather along our pathways and the days are becoming shorter, early mornings getting a bit chilly, the knitting wools starting to appear …. all these signs mean “change is on the way”.

A change from quilting and always a joy to see is the Embroidery and Cross stitch that some of our members produce with great talent and competence.

Often complimentary to a quilt, beautiful fine hand work can be found within patchwork designs.

Another example of embroidery combined with patchwork can be seen in this quilt right image, in this case the detailed work is achieved by machine, very good eyesight and a talent for colour combinations, skills attributed to this clever quilter. These treasures become heirlooms!!!

As April gives way to the merry month of May we quilters will be putting our efforts into finishing off the many varied and colourful quilt tops which we produced during those difficult months of restrictions.

Enjoy these lovely seasonal changes while they last and enjoy the colours that changes can bring.

For further information about our group please contact Carole on 9894 7749. Friends and new members are always welcome. We meet on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Wednesday of each month at 9.30 am at the Community Health Centre, The Glade, Galston.

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