Within weeks after the drought and the bushfires we saw new beginnings, pockets of soft green on what appeared to be burnt out bush land, parched, cracked, dusty paddocks also showed shy green pick casting those wonderful green shades across the landscape.

Now it’s OUR turn to show that we are “still here too” !!!

We’re venturing out of our houses, into the workplace again, into parks, sports venues, shops and soon into our community venues where all those happy contacts are made with our friends.

We Arcadian Quilters too will have something to show for our isolation time spent at home.

We have been sewing bright, cheerful squares, combining similar shades of reds, blues, yellows and greens, this month we are adding the beautiful violet shades to our collection.

My companion, Big Ted gave his nod of approval to choose colours in this warm welcome sunshine today and I agree, these colours look great outside!

These patchwork blocks (squares) will soon be combined and mixed to make our Charity Quilts at our next workshop get together.

Like everyone else we eagerly await the “OK” to meet at close quarters, after all quilting IS all about sharing!!!

Our contact for further enquires is Carole on 9894 7749 and we are also on Facebook.