Arcadia rural fire brigade – How Fire Proof is your Fire Plan

Arcadia rural fire brigade By Peta Gormly How Fire Proof is your Fire Plan

The brigade went to Vision Valley to discuss with 145 year 5 students from Waverly College Arcadia’s operational readiness, how we tackle bush fires, what other incidents we attend (which can be odd and varied), the training we partake in all year round, and how we assist the community in being prepared. We took this opportunity to discuss the importance of having a fire plan that is consistently reviewed and improved. As Arcadia is unique place, the students realised how different it is living here compared to their homes. We also discussed the risks they can face in urban areas.

How Fire Proof is your Fire Plan is the latest campaign to be launched in NSW. Many people have discussed making a plan, however, when it comes to crunch time these plans may not necessarily withstand the conditions, mentally, emotionally, and physically. An open discussion with all your family members is a great way to start planning and reviewing an already made plan. There are many resources accessible on the NSW RFS website that will assist you with your decisions.

Coming into the festive and jolly season, Arcadia has definitely been getting social with the community. The Arcadia Market Day, a highlight on our calendar, was a lot of fun and a great way for the community to support each other. Our red sleigh was still as popular as ever.

The brigade has continued training various scenarios, honing their skills, and preparing for next year. We wish everyone safe and happy holidays, and a reminder to remain vigilant when using fire. A ready community is a resilient community.

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