Arcadia Public School

ARCADIA PUBLIC SCHOOL’s most recent Market Day, held on Saturday 4th May, was recognised by the National Trust as an Australian Heritage Festival event! Arcadia’s Heritage Market Day commemorated Arcadia Public School’s 125th Anniversary, with current and past students, parents and teachers all eagerly awaiting and participating in the opening of the Arcadia Public School Time Capsule that had been locked away since its creation in 1994!

It was a wonderful insight into the life of the Arcadia Public School students in 1994, with letters the students wrote to their future selves and examples of school life with newsletters, awards and interesting paraphernalia of the day! The Time Capsule Opening Ceremony was a heart-warming example of the spirit that defines Arcadia Public School and the local community. The ceremony included performances by the Arcadia School Band, the Arcadia School Choir and Miss Lucia Beninati’s School of Ballet. It was a wonderful display of colour and movement, sight and sound, talent and discipline. The event provided a unique leadership opportunity for our 4 school captains who hosted this large public event. What a fantastic experience for our student leaders! Just one example of the many ways that small schools really do provide big opportunities for our students.

Arcadia is a school that is both steeped in heritage and looking to the future. Arcadian students have a strong sense of belonging, and experiencing the 1994 Time Capsule opening has allowed them to see, touch and be a part of Arcadian history, as they now plan how to commemorate the present, (their own future’s history), by filling their very own 2019 Time Capsule!

For those who were unable to attend the Time Capsule opening but are keen to view the contents, we will be have a private viewing of the items later this term for interested people who are connected to the school. If you are interested in this low key viewing event, please email the school on [email protected]. We will also arrange copies of letters for students of 1994 – if you haven’t already left your email address with the school please email the school.