A Year of Purpose

As we are faced with our third year of the pandemic, Jo Hutchens owner and founder of Well Versed Homes shares her thoughts on how we are living a life full of purpose and promise for the future.

“If you know me, you know how much I love home” explains Jo, “our homes have become so much more important to us during this time and in my view, this is a great outcome.

Despite the struggles of working or schooling from home, we have taken a fresh look at our surroundings and injected some new life into tired or well-worn spaces, to give the feeling of comfort, security and hope. Many of our clients have redefined what is important and have taken bold personal steps to ensure they are living a life of purpose and connection with people they care for, and this all starts at home”.

Jo encourages us that some of the most important conversations and memories of our lives will occur in the home and there is no better time to think about some fresh paint, even a new colour scheme or some lovely soft furnishings and lighting, to ensure we are creating a cocooning environment which is cohesive and can help improve organisation, lifestyle and wellbeing.

“Homes shouldn’t be perfect, because they are filled with imperfect people” Jo laughs. “Our homes should be welcoming and open – that’s what’s most important. That’s how we live a life a purpose, a life that means we are focused on others, a life that ensures we have hope for the future.”

Jo provides an interior and exterior colour consultancy and design service and offers advice, experience, and guidance if you are building, renovating, embarking on a fixer-upper or simply reorganising one room to accommodate change.

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