When styling a home for pre-sale, there’s a few critical factors to take into account, as it’s so much more than scatter cushions and aromatherapy candles. Here’s a few tips to consider.

The colour palette of the home is paramount. When we select furniture and soft furnishings for properties, we want to work with neutral soft colours, as this emphasises the size of the rooms and can make rooms look bigger. We always recommend a fresh coat of paint prior to your home being styled, preferably in neutral tones.

When styling to sell we take into account the age and aspect of your property. We like to work with the natural surroundings of the home and make these features stand out. For example, the use of natural timbers and olive greens when styling in the Hills and Northern districts. Styling to appeal to the prevailing demographics of the area are all important factors to consider when styling a home for sale.


Lighting is a huge factor. It’s often overlooked, but like good artwork, lighting and or floor lamps can transform a space into something special, often adding natural character with very little financial outlay.

We often hear owners say they don’t want to style the spare bedroom, as it’s small. We disagree, as styling even a small bedroom can add extra dollars to the sale price. Bedrooms look bigger styled even when they’re small.


Statistics constantly show that buyers spend longer in open homes when they’ve been styled. Buyers need to see themselves in the space we have created, as a warm and inviting area they can see themselves living in.

Floorboards are great and most buyers love them, but softening with beautiful floor rugs can transform a room from dreary to fabulous. Again, a huge impact for a very small outlay.

On trend at the moment are natural timbers, mustards, and olive greens, and beautiful bedrooms that look warm and inviting.

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