A Moo-vn’ Story Fagan Park Jersey Cows

A visit to Fagan Park and the old Dairy in the heritage precinct will take you back to an era of days gone by. Samuel Fagan was a successful orchardist in the early 1900’s in Arcadia and Galston.

With the 1930’s Depression impacting the family, the once viable orchard was reaching the end of its economic production.

When Samuel Fagan died at the age of 86 in 1948, his youngest son, Bruce took on the family responsibilities. He was extremely interested in cattle, particularly the Jersey, and as the orchard closed, his interest grew in developing a top quality Jersey stud farm, adding a dairy building to the property.

Bruce became an expert in cattle breeding and it became an important part of farm operations. He demonstrated his expertise in judging cattle and was approached by various agricultural shows to serve as a steward, ring master and judge. These shows included Parramatta, Castle Hill and the Royal Sydney Show. He assisted the fledgling Hornsby Show Society when it started.

Records of registrations and sales going back to around 1940, detail some of the names of Bruce Fagan’s jersey cows. There was Netherby Promise, Netherby Sybil, Netherby Heiress, Melody, Bloom, Jean, Kahoka’s Favourite, Leda’s Dame, Anemone’s Lady, Oxford Queen and Fairy Lady.

It is interesting to note that the Jersey cattle breed originally came from the Isle of Jersey (in the English Channel between England and France) and were brought to Australia in 1829. They are a small breed, low in body weight, have superior grazing ability and are produce delicious rich, creamy milk. Is it any wonder that Bruce Fagan loved his cows?

Visit Fagan Park and its heritage precinct:
Open every Tuesday 9-4pm and the second Sunday of the month 1-4pm.
(Information collated by Julie Graham – Friends of Fagan Park Volunteer)