A Graphic Art Form


I’ve always loved drawing and have been creating digital art for about 7 years now, so the choice to go into graphic art design and illustration for my career was obvious for me.

I studied graphic art design at Western Sydney University. This study allowed me to experiment in various areas of design such as branding, logo design, print design, photography, advertising and most importantly illustration. I found I could include my experimental approach in the majority of my assignments which further fuelled my love for illustration.

For my final year at uni, I needed to create a major project of my choosing. I decided to create a graphic novel as visual storytelling, character design, and cartoons make up a lot of my personal style and are areas of illustration about which I’m most passionate.

My novel, ‘A Wild Sheep Chase’, is a medieval fantasy adventure story based on a game of Dungeons and Dragons I played with some friends. The story follows 3 characters helping a wizard who has been transformed into a sheep.

After months of strenuous work creating around 140 illustrated pages, I ended up winning the ‘Best Major Work’ award from WSU and was also offered an internship at the Sydney Morning Herald to create editorial illustrations, with one of my drawings being published in the paper earlier this year.

Currently, aside from working on personal projects, I’m spending my time doing freelance illustration and design, and I’m always looking for more projects to work on. If you’re interested in my work, you can see more and contact me at, or @bratzoid on Instagram.