Launchpads have just landed at Hornsby Library! The Launchpads are preloaded tablets and have many different themed learning apps available for children. The Launchpads are grouped by age and grade level.

“The Launchpads are secure, easy to use tablets, loaded with many child friendly apps that are both educational and fun” Mayor Steve Russell said.

“The Launchpads are ad free, durable, and can be passed on from one child to another” Mayor Steve Russell said.

Parents are also able to monitor how much time a child spends on the device and which type of learning the child has undertaken. The child friendly design allows it to be convenient for both the child and parent.

Subject area packs can range from English to math and science. The themed learning packs include princesses, animals, dinosaurs and much more!

The Launchpads are available for a 2 week loan period. To borrow yours today, visit Hornsby Library.

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