A Complete Plant Addiction

The Bromeliad Society of Australia will hold their next meeting at the Federation Pavilion, Castle Hill Showground on Saturday, 12 June, with plant sales commencing at 10 am, followed by the meeting at 12noon.

The guest speaker will be Mark Massey, Mother Earth Nursery, Kenthurst, and his presentation will include how his career evolved and how his passion for gardening influenced his decision to own a nursery. His career and plant interest have always been very intertwined, with both significantly influencing each other.

Throw into the mix a complete plant addiction, combined with locally and internationally travel oriented around gardens, plant fairs, horticultural exhibitions with rare and unusual plants, he had only one direction but to go deeper into plants.

These experiences significantly affected his career and interest in plants, to the point where he gave up his day job to become a nurseryman.

His passion for plants has seen his collection outgrow his home garden. His obsession with collecting and propagating ever more plants led to his first nursery, Mother Earth Nursery in Kenthurst. All this experience is leading to exciting plans for the future, with a second site with even more space to grow his collection at Mother Earth Nursery in Cranebrook.

Local Government COVIDSafe restrictions have been reduced to 2sq.m in the Federation Pavilion. This change means that BSA can resume normal meeting sizes, provided the sales tables are placed outside giving more indoor seating space and that masks are worn at all times.

The sales area still requires the 1.5m separation with regular disinfecting of all frequently touched surfaces.

The way the BSA can make this area safer is to still insist on gloves and masks in this area and the general public accessing the sales area must sign in and abide by the above-mentioned rules.

Contact Ian Hook, President on mobile 0408 202 269, email: [email protected] website:

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