A Bunny Tale Worth Telling

The Blue Rabbit is a simple yet poignant story told in an entertaining and accessible way to audiences of all ages.

Head of Drama at Hills Grammar, Stephen Clarke, wrote the play for the Senior Drama group to experience how a play with a Greek chorus might work. “I wrote the play with a simple narrative for younger audiences that had a strong social message about social inclusion.”

The group skilfully adapted their performances for the range of ages in the different audiences. The message was clear and the empathy commanded by the players, palpable. The Blue Rabbit, performed in the School’s Blue Box Theatre, sees a young blue rabbit from ‘over the hill’ bounce into the well-established red rabbits’ domain. The young rabbits have never seen a rabbit like this and have no idea how to react. Is it really a rabbit? Can we trust it? Maybe we are too different to get along.

You can guess how the conflict is resolved …. and yes, there is even a little rabbit love-story. However, it is what the very young and perceptive audiences took away that was most important.

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