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Three Year 12 Students Gain Early Entry to Macquarie University
Galston High School congratulates three Year 12 students, Annabelle Pearce, Harry Trethowan and Harry Taylor, on gaining early entry into their chosen courses at Macquarie University through the Global Leadership Entry Program (GLEP). The GLEP recognises students who are active in their local and wider community and have good results at school.

Macquarie’s Global Leadership Program is an extracurricular program that can be undertaken alongside any degree at Macquarie University. It provides students with unparalleled opportunities to enhance their study experience and develop important leadership skills.

All three students are extremely excited about their Macquarie University offers and are looking forward to embarking on their studies in their chosen fields: Galston High School is very proud of the academic achievements of these students and wish them all the best in their future studies and careers.

Battle of the Minds

Recently Maggie, James, Tamara and Breanna of 8X travelled to Auburn Girls High School for the Battle of the Minds. Battle of the Minds consisted of four challenges in science, maths, general trivia and an open round.

For science, the challenge was to build a bridge from straws and paper clips that could hold weights. Ours held 1.5kg. For the maths round we had to create a farm with the most profit, with little space. General trivia had 30 questions; we received a score of twenty three. The final round was to figure out three riddles. We all worked together on this and were able to figure out the correct answers for all three. We came seventh out of twenty four teams.

We really enjoyed taking part in this fun and exciting day.

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