Save Calabash Bay

A number of residents at Berowra Waters have expressed concern regarding a new proposed development at Calabash Bay. They have set up a public facebook page – Save Calabash Bay.

Here is a summary from their facebook page: “West of the large sandbank of Calabash Bay is zoned Environmental Protection A ‘Wetlands’. Where the Wetlands meet the River Settlement – 3 additional blocks of land have been proposed on very steep land. (In addition to the one block that already exists)

DA 1009 and this subdivision was recommended for approval at the last Council Meeting and was deferred only because of a legal challenge.

This Development Application is being assessed under the Local Environmental Plan 1994 because it was originally lodged several weeks before the LEP 2013 was gazetted. DA 1009 has been kept active through several major reincarnations, the latest of which involves picking up 3 huge blocks on the ridge and moving them to the river frontage.

Many residents of Calabash Bay believe the additional development on this wetlands boundary will result in unmanageable environmental stress on the wetlands and river system and unnecessarily introduce buildings into a pristine and uniquely beautiful place that should belong to future generations.

This is a complicated issue with environmental issues at every turn with quite a few ‘clever’ planning precidents being trail blazed for good measure.

Any advice or suggestions are greatly welcome. A legal challenge may be our only hope. ”

A more recent facebook posts suggested that dredging of 3500m3 maybe be required in order for the RFS to safely access the new development.

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