2nd in the State for Science!

Pacific Hills Christian School students are celebrating an outstanding achievement at the State Finals of the nationwide Science and Engineering Challenge held at Newcastle University.

The teams of Yr 9-10 students were presented with a range of complex challenges to solve and by the afternoon they had won both the Mars Rover and String Ways activities and were in the lead. At the end of the day they finished a very close second overall and in doing so they outscored teams from such schools as James Ruse and Barker.

“There was some very tough competition. The students were fantastic and worked really well all day to do their best. Their behaviour and attitude was exemplary", said the Head of the Science Faculty, Laura Wright, "They were a wonderful group of students and it was such a joy to see them use their gifts to serve others and work together in their teams. The students were great representatives of both our School and God.”

The students also had an opportunity to talk to professional engineers, many of whom work at aerospace corporation, Lockheed Martin.