HORNSBY Shire’s tree canopy is about to get a major boost, with Council committing to plant 25,000 new trees by September 2020.

“This is a massive investment in our natural  environment that will further strengthen our reputation as the Bushland Shire,” Hornsby Shire Mayor Philip Ruddock said.

The project is a significant step up from the 2,000 new trees that Council currently plants each year.

These new trees will not just be placed in existing bushland but will be spread throughout the entire Shire, particularly the urban areas where some greenery is sorely needed. A number of streets have already been identified as top priority and will receive their new trees within coming months.”

Those streets include Alma Court, Thornleigh; Burdett Street, Hornsby; Cobah Road, Arcadia; Geelans Road, Arcadia; Malton Road, Beecroft; Nursery Street, Hornsby; Old Northern Road, Dural; and Taylors Road, Dural.

A key source of the new trees will be Council’s Community Nursery, where production is set to shift to a new level. Nursery coordinator Ross Rapmund is thrilled by the opportunity.

Mayor Ruddock emphasised the many benefits that will come from an extra 25,000 trees in the Shire. “This is not just an aesthetic choice and our native wildlife will not be the only ones to benefit. Increased tree coverage brings a range of very real improvements to quality of life for our residents, including cleaner air and lower summer temperatures.”

Mayor Ruddock also made it clear that Council will not be able to carry out this project on its own. These trees are very fragile when they are first planted and we will be calling on the community to help us nurture them as they grow. This will be something that we all achieve together.