How Ai Tool Chatgpt Could be Used in Your Business

The old adage is the only thing certain in life is death and taxes. I think change should be added. Change creates uncertainty and can unsettle us if we can’t keep up. Technology change is constant, and a recent newbie is ChatGPT by Open AI, artificial intelligence. ChatGPT is receiving talk about how it may […]

Hidden in the Hills: Bushwalking

Bushwalking means different things to different people. Some are quite dedicated to the challenge of a long and varied walk, whilst others may engage in just a short walk along their favourite track on a regular basis. Others may only enter bushland reserves on a casual basis. Some prefer to attend guided bushwalks. Nevertheless, all […]

Rejuvenating Gardens

WELCOME TO MARCH – THIS YEAR IS FLYING BY ALREADY. We get many calls enquiring how to restore old flower gardens & veggie gardens. What products to use, & will it promote growth? To restore & promote growth in existing gardens we recommend our mushroom compost/ Cow mix. This air rates the existing soils, adds […]