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Hawkesbury Harvest

WHY JOIN HARVEST? The need for a representative voice for agriculture and tourism has never been more important. Hawkesbury Harvest As we emerge from the pandemic and the impacts it has had on the way society regards food security, tourism experiences close to home and the need for outdoor activities in the open air, Hawkesbury […]

Decorative Ferns


Quite frequently overlooked by many people who venture into local bushland are those plants growing close to the ground and in sheltered, damp locations, often concealed close to rocky places not far from permanent sources of water. Many such terrestrial plants are classified under the broad heading of “Ferns”. The ground hugging varieties generally present […]

Still Creek Landcare: Look Out For Fireweed Now!


Fireweed arrived here in The Hills catchment well over 10 years ago and it’s certainly made a home in our paddocks, roadsides and open spaces. For a plant that is easily controlled, it’s a shame it’s still here amongst us because it is Toxic! Fireweed (Senicio madagascarensis) contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids in all parts of the […]

Bromeliad Spring Show 24th-25th September

Bromeliad Spring Show

The Bromeliad Spring Show will be held at the Federation Pavilion, Castle Hill Showground on Saturday, 24 September between 9-4pm and Sunday, 25 September between 10-3pm. Rare and exquisite bromeliads from collectors, local and interstate growers will be on display and for sale to the public including Elizabeth Mudriczki from the Blacktown area who has […]

Middle Dural Public School Officially Opens Our Yarning Circle

Middle Dural Public School

Middle Dural Public School is blessed to have a beautiful expanse of green space for students to learn and play. In the height of COVID, whilst students were learning how to learn remotely, the staff of MDPS undertook a project to bring a new place of belonging to our small, tight-knit school – a Yarning […]