20 Years Hard Labour

Warwick Lorenz (left), Australian Pumps Managing Director, awards Bradley Farrugia the 20 year Order of Merit certificate.

Aussie Pumps Distributor Manager, Bradley Farrugia recently celebrated his 20th year with Australian Pump Industries!

He joined the company as an 18 year old looking for a career that would give him a challenge and an opportunity! He started shortly after the company moved into the 2½ acre site at 7 Gladstone Road, Castle Hill. At that stage it was only a few years old and in its formative stage.

Since then Bradley has travelled the world, set up a national distributor network that is second to none, and been involved in product development of the world’s leading range of self-priming pumps and high pressure water blasters.

“It’s been a roller coaster ride with every day bringing something new! I’ve made friends all over the world and had the benefit of working with a cross section of users from farmers, miners, construction companies and professional firefighting bodies,” said Brad Farrugia.

Congratulations Bradley, you’ve come a long way!

For further information on opportunities for bright young cadets to carve out a career at Aussie Pumps contact Melinda Jansen at Aussie Pumps.

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