$100 million for Hornsby Residents

I am pleased to announce I have secured funding of $100 million to start the process to compensate the Hornsby Shire for changed council boundaries. This is a massive win for the entire community and will see that no Hornsby resident is worse off due to failed council amalgamations.

The money will include $50 million for the transformation of the Hornsby Quarry into the Centennial park of the north. It lowers council’s contribution to the project and means that the cost will be borne by the State Government rather than Hornsby rate payers.

The money will also include $40 million for the transformation of the Westleigh waterboard site into sporting and recreational facilities. This covers Councils cost of remediation and construction into new sports fields for our community to enjoy. I am proud to have stopped developers from turning this site into high rises. This now ensures this land belongs to the community forever.

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